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Secure Hunter

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Secure Hunter is the best ANTI-MALWARE alternative with lots of monthly installs worldwide.

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Secure Hunter Affiliates

Our affiliate program is handled by ShareIt, the world leading service in software affiliate programs and online software distribution. Becoming an affiliate is easy and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Sign up as a member of the ShareIt Affiliate Service, then simply place a link on your web site to our product and you will be paid a 30% commission for each copy sold to your site visitor.

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ShareIt Affiliate Service

When you become a member of the ShareIt Affiliate Service, ShareIt provides you with ordering links (URLs or web addresses) that are unique to your store. Then, every time a customer orders our product using one of your web addresses, you get a commission for each program sold. Even if the customer doesn’t order just then, you still receive credit for the order up to six months after his visit because ShareIt can track where customers first hear about our products. So, ShareIt will be able to give you credit no matter when or where the customer finally decides to buy. After registering as a ShareIt Affiliate member, you receive your personal affiliate number, enabling a customer’s visit to be recorded. Even if he or she decides to order the product later, you still receive your credit for the sale.

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About Secure Hunter

Secure Hunter delivers intuitive real-time protection, powerful anti-rootkit technology, tailor-made malware fixes, live technical support and other key features.

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