Anti Malware


What is anti malware?

A malware is malicious software, actually it is a name for group of malicious software that includes viruses, worm, trojans, rootkits and so on, a malware is name for any type of file that can harm your device or privacy in any way or use your device to harm others.

In modern term when we say anti malware we are talking about a software that can remove malicious files, like anti virus, after all today anti viruses are not only remove viruses, they fight against viruses, trojans, rootkits and so on, so we can call them also anti malware or malware removal or even malware protection tool.

How does a malware scanner works?

There are 2 main methods that a malware blocker or anti malware need to do:

  1. It need to have a real time module that can catch malicious software as they accord, it need to operate in the deeper sides of the operation system, such as the kernel, but not only there it also need to be in the user environment, it need to have sophisticated mechanism that is capable to not only catch known malware file by using a malware signature scanner, but also be able to decide or let the user decide if software is acting in suspicious way and try to stop it, this is a big field and a lot of very talented people are working on pattern recognize to catch such malwares.
  2. A malware scanner that can do both scan all the files on the system against a signature database this way it can run fast and scan a lot of file quickly, this module also need to scan other location in the environment that it running including memory, page file, running process and their memory and so on.

There are site online that contain malware base code in them, which we can refer as malware online site,  thus site are dangerous and surfing in them, even as an accident might resolve an installation of malware on your device, keep in mind that there are sophisticated malwares that have multi interface so they will be able to support infection of mobile devices, Windows Operation system and MAC Operation system that way the malware will be able to transfer itself from one device to other, even if the device is not running the same environment and the same operation system family.

What is the best free antivirus for 2013?

There are a lot of free antiviruses and free antimalware out there to choose from, each and every one of them is good, if you search the web you will find all kind of answer to that question, one of my method to check what is the common one, is to check in some file download site to see what is the one that most download during the last month or so, this can give me a nice view on this subject, also you can search for review on free antivirus by some of the big computer base magazine most of the do a test for several antiviruses with score in some features, this can be good if you have a feature that you needed more.

Here is a list of some free virus removal and free malware removal that you can use, this is not a recommended list, as I mention above everyone have its own needed features.

  1. SUPERAntiSpyware
  2. AVG antivirus
  3. Avast Free Antivirus
  4. Avira Free Antivirus
  5. Malwarebytes Anti-malware

There are other free and great antiviruses/malwares out there, this is just a small part of them, just keep in mind some things, always update your antivirus with the last definition, this is the viruses database that your antivirus is known. Don’t count only on your antivirus software, use some more tools to scan and check your system from time to time, and remember hybrid defense will give you better result and backing up your important file can give you quite if a disaster will come.

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