Anti Spyware

If you came to this page, you are probably in one of the following situation:

  1. 1.       Infected with spyware
  2. 2.       Need an online virus scan
  3. 3.       Need a good spyware remover
  4. 4.       Need information about free antispyware download
  5. 5.       Just curios about anti spyware.
  6. 6.       Any other spyware related issue.

The true is, it does not meter, just keep on reading and I hope that I will be able to help you with the reason you came here.

An anti spyware can be one of the following:

  1.  Software that you install on your device.
  2. Online service that you can use to scan your device.
  3. A combination of tools that you can use to detect spyware.

Now, if you DID NOT choose number 3, that is a good reason to keep on reading, in today there are so many useful tools that you can use on your device as a spyware killer arsenal, there are free tools and tools that you can pay for, the bigger advantage of pays tools are better support, more options and in some of theme cloud support, which can highly improve the time from when a new spyware is found till your tool can detect and handle t it

So what do you need in your spyware killer arsenal?

  1. Antivirus – an anti virus, had 3 main important service that you need to use
    1. The first one is the web scanner, this module will scan a website that you want to surf to and verify that that site does not contain any form of spyware.
    2. The second one is the real time module, this module will check every file that enter to your computer to verify that this file does not contain malicious code in it, by the way, did you know that every site you visit download a lot of files to your computer (include html, css, java scripts, images and so on).
    3. The third thing is the scanner, this module will scan on a daily/weekly all your system, include file, registry, memory and more.
  2. Anti rootkit –  we all know that viruses are not always “play fair” and most of them using some kind of rootkit technology to manipulate the kernel behavior in order to hide themselves under the hood, that were anti rootkit is almost the best tool that you need.
  3. Anti spyware/malware tool – your anti virus is a great assent to your small war against spyware, but a more dedicated tool that its main goal is to fight spyware is necessary, a tool like that not only search and scan for spyware it also know where to change some parameters in your system to make it harder to spyware to manage and infect your system.
  4. Online link to good anti scanners – Now day this is the easy and best way to get a second opinion to the question – does my computer free from spyware, we all know, I hope, that anti something vendors does not like that there is another software that does the same, so most of the time you will not be able to have installed 2 anti spyware at the same time, for that you can just go to an online scanner and let it run on your system, most of the online scanner use a small light file that you allow them to install to your computer (mostly to the browser) and that tool will scan your computer and search for malicious file on your computer.
  5. Offline CD kit scanner – well this is more advanced method, but with the power that spyware had today we will all have to know how to use tool like that (might do a guide for that in the future), let say you found a spyware that you are unable to remove from your computer, you try all the methods and more, most of the time this is a sophisticated rootkit power that manage to survive the scanner, so with this tool you will have a ready to use CD/DVD/USB kit that you start your computer from it(boot from the cd) and let it scan your computer that way the malicious code is not running and the scanner can find it, if it know that code.

Always keep in mind that you, as the user, need to be ready, even with all the tools out there, you can still be infected with one of the spyware out there, it might be less optional if you don’t have important thing on your computer for others, not yours, I mean, no one care about your trip pictures, or your secret songs/letters that you write to your girlfriend,  most of the spyware will try to get something value to the spyware writer,  so don’t be paranoid, but do be ready.

One more small recommendation, do you have value files on your computer, if yes, do backup for the files, that is the best way to recover the files in case a “spyware eat my computer” whining.


I am sorry if this article hurt anyone, i did not meant to hurt anyone just wanted to add some FUN to the article.

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