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Malwares are basically computer software’s that are used to attack other computer systems. The purpose can be anything. Beit, gaining important information; accessing files on another system or just causing problems out of plain boredom. Yes, some malware are only designed for that purpose as most of you know.

Malwares have been a part of “Software Technology” long since its actual birth. But the reason for this vague introduction is that not every low tech to moderate user isaware of the fact that malwares are not viruses. When in actual, viruses are just a subset of malware itself and your computer needs protection from all kinds of malware, not just viruses.  Malwares compromise of worms, BHO’s, keyloggers, rootkits, trojan horses and a lot of other malicious software. In fact, only 15% of malware compromises of just viruses so basically your computer needs protection against everything. That’s why; it’s a great idea to find an all in one malware removal software, that’s right for your computer and your daily usage.

That’s why, here are the 5 most acknowledged malware removal software in the cyber world right now:

Avg Antivirus free edition 2012

This is one of the fastest scanning software out there and provides protection against all kinds of new and old malware software. Avg antivirus has a really high rating from lab testing and has been up there with one of the best software in the cost-free market these past years. And that is because of a simple reason. It is effective and it doesn’t let you down.

Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus can be regarded as the most complete malware removal tool. This award winning software, which fights against many kinds of malicious software, is designed and updated regularly to work in the most efficient and versatile way against the latest malware software that pose a threat to your computer. Add to that it’s easy-to -use interface and its superb-privacy designated qualities. This is a must try if you aren’t having much luck with your old malware-software.

Comodo cleaning essentials

‘Comodo cleaning essentials’ is basically an all-in-one toolbox to prevent your computer from being exposed to malware. It will immediately identify and cease any unidentified or dangerous process taking place in your system and inform you on the spot. It is a very powerful software and bares all kinds of threat to any malware present in your system. And what may appeal to many users is that, this software requires no installation, it can be directly started from a USB or via RDP. Comodo is perfect for removing dangerous malware from your computer and keeping it clean.

Avast anti-virus

While some people feel the need to say that this software is over-rated, most would agree that it most certainly is not. It is the most-widely used malware removal software when it comes to keeping your computer safe. Yes, it has all the features that make it a good malware removal software but what else? It gives you complete internet protection, as well as run any program that could infect your computer without letting it do so in the process. Avast is certainly top-notch when it comes to your computer’s safety.

SpyBot Search and Destroy

SpyBot is the highest ranked, user-reviewed tool. It has a large range of functions that help you control almost everything in your computer. It can supply inert codes to malicious software, in order to keep the infected programs running. Plus it is compatible with almost all versions of windows which is actually a downside for mac users. Sadly, they will not have the pleasure of getting to try this extremely effective tool because it certainly is a treat for someone who is not all that literate about computers and just wants a simple easy to use program.

So these are some of the best malware software for your computer. Your computer is at risk all the time and it will save you a lot of extra cash and keep your work steady if it is well protected.


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