Cloud Computing Attacks

Cloud computing refers to the computing, provides various services, to share software, information and resources across the network rather than treating as a product. Typically, it entitles the computation, services with data and centralized over a network. Lots of software overlap to act as a service in cloud computing. Users access the cloud based applications via a user web browser however a commercial software and data are saved on remote servers. Rather than the locally installed software, cloud applications provide the better services. A cloud service has three different features that differentiate it from usual hosting.

  • It is provided on claim. Generally, it is provided for few minutes or an hour. It is flexible, elastic and a user can have a much or little of it as he wants at any time.
  • Cloud computing is completely managed by the provider and user doesn’t need to do anything. Cost effectiveness, high speed Internet and intense innovations in virtualization and distribution, have raised the interest in cloud computing.
  • A cloud offers both private and public services. Public cloud offers services to everyone on the Internet on the other side a private cloud is a centralized data network that offers host services to a limited number of users.

Apart from many advantages, a cloud computing brings, when we look at its security, especially huge data storage, it exposes a much complex picture.

The missing cloud computing security:

The cloud computing is a shared service. A cloud provider is amenable for protecting the centralized data premises, the server operating system and it is the responsibility of a cloud user to secure the server OS and application level. A spike in cloud attacks doesn’t show a single symbol of abating, spawning and obligations that these are tapping the cloud resources to perform their illegal activities. According to Cisco and other researches, the destructions are performed using techniques that interpret themselves that the attackers are tracking the host resources to make their work more effective. The attackers are using brute techniques to crack the passwords, showing they can bring cheap and easily available cloud computing. The attacks are occurred at any time but it is hard to clarify that whether the cloud resources are involved in it or not.

Cloud computing safety solutions:

IT companies need to collaborate to figure out the safety issues to rejuvenate the confidence of data storage in cloud computing as a lot of software and data are stored on the servers and accessed by Internet, especially in the commercial place where market size is unexpectedly large. Security is a big issue now as hackers tapped into Sony networks and tracked the data of more than one million users, the latest news update.

Cloud solutions are the economically feasible options for various corporations, although security and privacy concerns are rising over its services. Broadband testing, lab test, dimensional solution revealed that security of virtualized centralized data and cloud computing is possible and gaugeable. HP TippingPoint’s Secure Virtualization Framework solution is capable to protect the virtual data, restricting all types of attacks.

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