Cloud Topology- sense of alluring

Investigation of cloud topology has been made by making use of energetic particles from the varied ranges in order to sense the magnetic field of interconnections. As per the study it has been found that few field lines are available in the clouds of magnetic nature which are close to the Sun, for the exclusion of particles from external sources. Opened field lines in the outer part of heliosphere must be assorted with field lines of closed nature on a spatial scale in clouds in order to explain the different observation of cosmic rays from the outer part of heliosphere and from corona. The conclusion of this show proves that with the sufficient time particles moves at the shock outside the clouds of magnetic nature.

What is the procedure?

  • Creation of topology is necessary for the illustration of resources required from the clouds.
  • One needs to click window in order to open the view of cloud explorer, expansion of the view of cloud management and again need to double click the cloud explorer.
  • In the view of cloud explorer one needs to drag the connection of cloud to the editor of cloud topology. Creation of unit is made by this editor which represents the user of cloud in the topology.
  • In the view of cloud explorer expansion of the connection is necessary for expanding keys.
  • ¬†Creation of security key is necessary by right click of keys or importing of existing key can be made or generation of new key can also be made. Saving of private key files is necessary at the time of generation of keys.
  • One needs to drag the key from the view of cloud explorer to the editor of cloud topology.
  • Dragging of images to the topology is necessary by expansion of images.
  • If the inclusion of conceptual unit of server is there in image one needs to click the informational message, cloud image and need to select the server of virtual capacity.
  • Creation of dependency link must be made from units of cloud user and virtual image. This informational message includes the resolution which helps in the automatic creation of links.
  • Specification of the units of virtual image parameters by selection of a unit of virtual image, opening of the view of properties to the tab of capabilities, selection of the type of capability like devcloud, virtual image of developer cloud, specification of parameters values and accepting of defaults.



Analysis of topological data

Analysis of cloud topology data is a new way of study which aims to have applications in the areas like computer vision and data mining. But the problems are:-

  • how one can get infers of structure of high dimensions from the representation of low dimensions
  • the assembling of points of discrete into the structure of global

Methods for data analysis of cloud topology are:

  • Replacement of points of data with a group of simplicial complexes indexed by a parameter of proximity
  • Algebraic topology is used for analysis of cloud topology complexes.

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