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[toggle title=”What is malware?” open=”true” icon=”question-sign”]Malware is a general term for malicious software and is a growing problem on the internet. Hackers install malware by exploiting security weaknesses on servers and gaining access to websites. The malware code is not visible or easily detected, and may infect customers’ computers when they simply browse a compromised website. Hackers use it to spread viruses, hijack computers or steal sensitive data such as credit card numbers or other personal information.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What Does Anti-Malware Software Do?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]
SECURE HUNTER prevents and eliminates malware efficiently and effectively. If you are the only one who uses your personal computer or laptop, in most cases, antimalware software is all you need for dependable, vigorous internet security. It includes the same fundamental security features found in internet security suites without the extra elements, such as parental controls or password managers.
If you??re looking for non-intrusive internet safeguards, antimalware software is the ideal solution. You don’t have to go out looking for trouble online anymore; trouble is always looking for you. These days, the internet is littered with malware that is programmed to indiscriminately look for weaknesses. The best malware protection software defends your computer from malware tricksters, such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, pop-ups, scripts and adware.
[toggle title=”Anti-Malware Software: What to Look For ?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]
To be counted among the best antimalware software, an application must perform two functions: detect malware and remove it. If the antimalware software cannot perform those two tasks, its other features provide little value. We looked for light-running antimalware software with a proven ability to recognize and eradicate malware. We also compared how these products manage malware and the technical support provided by the software developer.
Malware Detection
Antimalware software cannot remove malware that it cannot detect. We gathered numerous effectiveness scores to evaluate which product had the most dependable performance in detecting malware. The performance tests not only incorporated known threats, but also newly emergent threats and suspiciously behaving scripts. The best antimalware software does not produce a significant number of false positive results.

Malware Removal
Removing malware that has already infected a system is a more demanding task than detecting it. We rated most favorably the antimalware applications that could safely remove malware from an infected system successfully and restore it to its pre-infected state. We also considered whether the software could detect malware on a PC while the antimalware software was being installed, and whether it could reboot from a rescue disc should Windows become locked down or dangerous to run.

Malware Management
If you are looking for a tool to remove malware, you are likely looking for a product that runs light and can be customized to handle malware the way you desire. We not only looked at the types of scans the software could run, but also whether those scans could be adjusted to use system resources the way you want. Some features that can help you maximize the performance of your PC during scans include fullscreen modes, scan throttling, low-use detection and the ability to create white lists.

Help & Support
We evaluated the type of customer assistance and technical support the manufacturers provide. The best antimalware software providers offer telephone, chat and email support, as well as user manuals and online documentation. Many also provide virus and threat information, user forums and the ability to submit suspicious files for assessment.


[toggle title=”Is Secure Hunter Free ?” open=”true” icon=”question-sign”]Yes it is .[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How to install the Secure Hunter?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]
1. Double click on Secure Hunter installation package to open the setup wizard.
2. Simple click the ??Next?? to continue, then you will come to the software license and service agreement (We recommend you browse through our agreement).
3. Agree to go on with the installation or give up to skip out the process.
4. Choose the install location (the default destination folder for Secure Hunter is C:Program Files/Secure Hunter).
5. Click ??install?? to proceed, which is also the last step.
After all these, click “finish ” to run it on your compuer.

[toggle title=”How to uninstall Secure Hunter?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]

You can uninstall Secure Hunterthrough the following ways:

Through Windows Control Panel:
1. Go to Control Panel and click Add or Remove Programs.
2. Switch to change or Remove Programs.
3. Find Anvi Smart Defender, click Remove and follow the steps provided.
4. Wait for the uninstallation process to complete.

Through the uninstall tool:
1. Open windows start menu, click all programs and select Anvisoft.
2. Single click on Anvisoft to reveal Anvi Smart Defender.
3. Single click on Anvi Smart Defender to reveal its submenu.
4. click Uninstall and follow the steps provided.
5. Wait for the uninstallation process to complete.
You don’t have to restart the computer after the uninstallation.
[toggle title=”Can I use Secure Hunter with anti-virus program?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]
Secure Hunter is an anti-malware program. It can work perfectly with the most mainstream anti-virus program without any compatibility problems. Nowadays, virus and spyware are rampant; it’s not enough depending on only one anti-virus program. Taking anti-virus program as well as anti-spyware program gives you best protection against virus, worms, malware and any other threats.

[toggle title=”How to keep update with the latest version database?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]Secure Hunter enables users to automatically update and install new fingerprints or download new fingerprints at scheduled time. Please choose one of the options to update the latest database under settings update module.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Having issues with Activate Your PRO license check your firewall ?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]
Allow a program to communicate through Windows Firewall here is how to :
Click Here
[toggle title=”Having issues with Activate Your PRO license please follow this step ?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]
Shut down your Secure Hunter Anti-Malware Software.
Click Start > then go to Control Panel > Programs and Features (Please note that for Windows Vista and Windows 7 you will find ??Programs and features?? and in Windows XP it is ??Add/Remove program??, both in Control Panel.)
Find Secure Hunter Anti-Malware and right click on it
Click ??Uninstall??
Click ??Yes?? to continue with Uninstall
Click ??OK?? when finished.
Please go to :
C:\Program Files (x86)\SecureHunter\ AND DELETE FOLDER
Please restart that this will remove Secure Hunter service as well.
Then Install again Secure Hunter Anti-Malware and activate your license

If you still having a problem :

Please, provide us some more information about your experience with the Secure Hunter software?

  1. Operating system system name and version (re: windows 8)
  2. Other software that run during the software crash (like: word, excel)
  3. What antivirus is installed and any other information
When did this happened
During software activation.
During software installation.
During software start up.
During Scanning, if so what was the scan type?
During closing the software.
Please use the link below

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