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An antivirus can be a dedicated device, hardware, or software that that aims to prevent viruses and other computer threats from harming your computer, can be a computer, group of computer, mobile devices and other devices that use any type of operation system.

When we talk about home virus protection, most of the time, we are talking about software base antivirus, which is software that the user installs on his device, re: the computer, that aims to prevent from computer threats to harm our computer, at home we are talking about one or more computers, and other devices, like mobile phones and tablets.

When you decided to download and installed an antivirus software it is recommended to check some of the features that this antivirus having and also to read some anti virus software reviews about it. With today’s internet you can easily search for reviews about the top free antiviruses out there, keep in mind that most of today’s antivirus will do the same work and will try to assure that you are safe against viruses and many other threats that exist today.

In business virus protection there are policies regarding security, in general all the devices that belong to the company must have an installed antivirus software on them, and inside the company there is at least one dedicated antivirus server that monitor traffic, the antivirus is also responsible to monitor mail traffic and verify that incoming and outgoing email will not contain a virus on them, that why some times if you try to send email that contain a file within the file will be block by that antivirus, you will also see a line or two inside the email that say that this email was scanned by and the antivirus vendor name.

Today there are a lot of anti virus companies, there are some big companies that are here from the beginning of the computer age and some that newer, a lot of home users are tending to use free antivirus, and that market become big in the past 10 years, most of the companies have a free version of their antivirus, which use their antivirus engine but with some limitations in compering to the paid one.

When you search for a good free antivirus look for antiviruses that contain at least the following defense options:

  1. Real time protection – This will assure that during web surfing, re: temp folder, file downloading or coping, running new process, open password protected compress files and other thing that involve in file uses, if the file contain any type of threats in it your antivirus will denied access to the file and inform you with message what to do next.
  2. Web Base Protection – There are some method in web sites that it is possible to include some types of malwares in the web pages, it can be from a redirect file download, inner code that can exploit your web browser, other java script base threats and more, so this module is aims to download the site content, it is like you actually surfing into the site, and verify that it does not include threats that might harm your computer or violated your privacy, there are also some list of “bad sites” that the antivirus engine can use to check if the site is in the list, note that some of today’s web browser contain a list in it.
  3. Anti rootkit engine – To read about rootkit you can go to this article – Rootkits, but in general rootkit are small tools, mostly drivers that can manipulate the default behavior of the operation system and by that hide all kind of objects on your computer, from files to network connection, this module will have to check the existing of such files/tools on your device using several scanning methods.

Some of today vendors added a new good to have feature that involve in an online base cloud that once a virus is reported anywhere over the global the cloud allow this threat to be reported to all the clients antiviruses and even if there is no real pattern to remove this threats there will still be an option to not allow this file to run base on the file signature.

I think that today best free virus scanner is an antivirus scanner that include the above defense options and if you search for review regarding that antivirus you are able to read people that say staff like the memory it use, how fast the scanner is and some other extra good point that it has, keep in mind that you will always read some good thing about the antivirus you search for and some bad thing about it, even some good thing in one place will be in the bad list on other sites, do your research about what suit you base on reviews sites that you trust.

There are some free online virus scanners that you can use the big advantage of such a service is that it does not involve in installation of antivirus software on your computer, it will always use its last definition signature file in the scanning, it is a good service that you can use as an add on to your normal installed antivirus, it is good if your computer is infected and you are unable to install an antivirus, keep in mind that that services does not give you a real time monitor and you must be connected to the internet in order to use them.

When the antivirus find a virus on your computer it will give you three options, one will be to delete the infected file, one will be to put it on a safe location, aka quarantine, that place will denied access to the file, and the last option is to ignore, this option will ignore the infected file and continue, this option will not delete nor put the infected file in a safe place it might cause that the virus continue to run on your computer and to infect your files.

As we all know the future we go to and that already in here is our mobile device, and today we also can see that there is growing number in mobile viruses so you also should, if you did not done it already, consider using a mobile phone antivirus to your mobile device, to know what you should install on your device that depend on the type of the device and the operation system that your device is running, even in mobile devices you can search for reviews about mobile anti malware tools keep in mind that in mobiles it might be a bit harder to find a free antivirus software.

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