How to block malware?

Once many years ago when a firewall and an antivirus was the only security tools that you had to install and configure on your computer to gain a dissent security level had passed away, today a firewall and an antivirus is not enough you also need to install a malware blocker tool on your computer, due to the daily malwares that go out to the willed it is a must installed tool to block malware from attacking your computer, so let’s talk about How to block malware.

Today computer malware can cause different types of damage to your computer, but not only to your computer it can and will use your computer to spread itself into other computers in your network and also outside of your network using some very sophisticated methods, there are a lot of so called best free security tools that needs to be installed on any computer that he or she has.

In order to gain best malware protection I will recommended to use even more than one tool from each kind, this mean that you need to have firewall, antivirus, malware blocker, a dedicated anti rootkit tool and not only one but two, as you know, I hope, there are a lot of free tools that you can download from the web, I will recommended going to the vendor site and/or to some good known downloads site to get the free version of the soft wares, keep in mind that using some of the download application, re: torrent, emule etc you might end up with an installation file that may contain a malware in it.

How to block malware?

One of the main things that a user need to understand is that malware is a file, or a part of a file, attached to another file, that look like a legitimate file, that once you run or install it, it will release the malware code, re: file, and install both of them, unless the original file is a dummy file that actually doesn’t do anything.

If you, as the user and owner for your own protection, be more aware about stuff that you do in your virtual environments, using your computer, mobile device, social network, online games and so on, you can reduce the severity to be infected by computer malware.

What will be the best malware protection?

  • Be aware!
  • Don’t press any links that you see, even from your friends, on social networks!
  • Don’t press any links that you see, even from your friends, on email messages!
  • Keep your antivirus up to date!
  • Don’t run automatically files that you download from the web, use the save file and scan it with you antivirus software.
  • From time to time, use one of the free online antiviruses to scan your computer.
  • Use also free anti malware tools to scan your files.
  • Rootkit are very popular today, use some free anti rootkit scanners.
  • Make back up, online and offline to important data, documents, images etc.
  • Use long passwords that include special characters.

With a little more thinking before acting anyone can block malware from infection his or her computer, and with some free tools that can be downloads from the web anyone can protect the important data on the computer, you also need to know that today mobile devices are also suffers from malwares as they are a small computers that can be infected with malwares and also can spreads the malwares in over the network.

Be aware, is the best tip that anyone can use, after all if we all be more aware about what’s is going on around us, in term of virtual environment we will be able to reduce the effect of  computer treats and advanced our self more into a malware blocker thinking.

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