How to Detect the Presence of Spyware on Your System and Get Rid of It?

Spyware is a deceptive program, which is created to track online activity and collect all your personal data for commercial profits by performing activities like automatically streaming and downloading ads or modifying and controlling some system settings and program’s settings of your PC, usually without obtaining your approval. It has some mean purposes like stealing your confidential data, or tracking your browsing history etc.

Some types of spyware are frequently called Advertising Supported software or simply Adware as it can peep in to your computer without your approval and automatically play some irritating ads for profits.

Some Signs of Spyware

You can detect the presence of spyware on your system in many ways, some of which include the following.

Computer Suddenly Becomes Slow

Malicious activities of spyware like peeping into your PC, spreading itself to other computers online and tracing your Web activity makes your system sluggish, infamous Blue Screen of Death, slow system performance, and mysterious DLL faults.

Some Annoying Pop-Up Ads

After the notorious adware and spyware peeping successfully into your system, they will start irritating you with bothering ads and take you to some strange sites that have advertisements and contain more spyware and adware, and adult ads.

You Cannot Control System Settings

Adware and spyware apparently modify and manage your system settings and software setting in order to drive you to a strange webpage or prevent the working of your antispyware program for assaulting your computer.

To prevent and remove spyware effectively, you may follow these tips –

Install a Firewall

A firewall acts as a protective boundary to your computer. It blocks illicit Internet users from accessing while allowing authorized communications. It monitors and restricts all computer traffic information between security domains based on some set of rules and criteria. This acts as a defense against malicious files that may try to access your PC from outside the Windows Firewall without proper approval.

Install an Antispyware Program

Without proper help, you cannot execute some activities to remove spyware from your system even if you are a professional as the spyware designers may also have good knowledge about antivirus program, firewall, and spyware removal tool. So you need to install a reliable and powerful spyware removal tool in your system. It provides you an unmatched and hassle-free performance to keep your PC safe when you are banking, viewing entertainment, trading or shopping.

Keep Updating Your Spyware Removal Tool

Spyware and adware keeps on developing day by day, so the spyware removal tool designers also try to figure out the problem constantly. So, updating your spyware removal tool daily keeps adware and spyware at bay.

Update your OS Regularly

Updating your operating system makes your system run stable, and during the process of updating it, you may be able to catch such fishy spyware programs too.

To improve your Windows experience, you must install free and built-in Microsoft Update utility. It provides you with professional solution for updating your Windows OS. Microsoft Update includes updates from Office Update, Windows Update, Microsoft Expression, and Windows Live applications; in addition, it also provides updates for third-party drivers and additional Microsoft products.

Turn off System Restore

System Restore is a key component added into Microsoft’s Windows Me, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7 OS. It is built to return back registry keys, system files, and installed programs to a normal state if any malfunction or a system failure occurs. You must turn off System Restore utility before executing any activity to remove adware or spyware from your computer.


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