How to Remove Spyware

The big question that one might ask himself in corresponding to spyware will be how to remove spyware, I am using my computer and I think it is infected by one type of spyware, now I want to know what the best spyware remover is so I can use and be safe.

If we think in a global view there are two option that you can use to remove spyware, the easy one, is to use a spyware removal tool that you can download from the web some of them are free, install it and start scanning your computer in a hope that the spyware that you have is a known one and the it will be remove by the software.

The second option is an advanced option and it is to manually remove the spyware. To do it properly we need to investigate what the spyware is, or at least to get some information about it, like its file name, and then we can generate a signature for that file, using a MD5/SHA1 tool and start check the web for the file and or the signature hopefully to find more information about the spyware and possibly information about how to remove it, using a tool or with a step by step instructions.

Using a free spyware tool:

There are a lot of tools that you can use to scan or check your computer against spyware, some are free and some cost money, by the way, if you are already running an antivirus you might have an anti-spyware module as part of the antivirus tool, you can check this by opening the antivirus tool and check if it contain an anti-spyware options in it.

In any case I will recommended you to download an additional anti-spyware tool, a dedicated one, free is fine, install it and run it to scan your system, due to the big development of spyware there are some great dedicated tools to scan for spywares, some of them have other modules like anti viruses include real time protection and so on, so  a combination of antivirus and antispyware is a suitable solution to find spyware on your computer, you can also give a try to online spyware scanner, the big advanced with them is that you do not need to install anything on your computer, and some of them are part of a major antivirus company that have a lot of experience in viruses and computer threats .

Some of the best spyware remover tools that you can download from the web:

Using manual removal:

As mention above this is an advanced method to remove spyware, so the first thing is to find out what is the spyware that we have on our computer, we need to find the root file of the spyware to start our investigation.  Keep in mind that this stuff are for more advanced users and it is always recommended to use spyware removal tools first to try and remove the spyware.

Now, it depend on what technology the spyware is using for defense, in an easy case, we can find a running process that run from a folder that we not familiar with, or it might attach a new tool bar to our web browser, and that the type of spyware that it is more easy to detect and using its name, tool bar name, process name and so on we can find additional information about it and might find a dedicated tool that one of the security company build to remove this spyware.

In a worth case it can be use some strong driver base technology, also may be refer as rootkits to hide itself in the operation system, and or change the behavior of the system in a manner that it will be very difficult to detect it and to remove it,  in cases like that, for the user it is best to search information base on the problematic behavior that he encounter using his computer hopefully that other also suffer from the same symptoms and it may revile what it the best solution to remove this spyware.

The best solution to the question how to remove spyware will be to start with installing and running more than one anti-spyware tool, using the tools will help you to remove spyware from computer and with the daily updated definition database file of the software you can have a good spyware protection.

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