How to secure your Windows XP Operating System

In today’s technology savvy world, you just cannot do without a computer. Whether you have a desktop, a laptop, a palmtop, an I pad or an android phone, securing your operating system is an absolute must. Spyware and malware can have a devastating effect on your operating system and it can corrupt your operating system, beyond repair. Securing your computer with an efficient operating system security device or program has become necessary because most systems and businesses are completely dependent on computers and their uninterrupted functioning.

Windows XP is one of the latest and most efficient operating systems from the house of Windows to make the functioning of computer faster and better. Before you decide to take the plunge and install Windows XP, you should consider what you could do to make your computer system secure with the operating system. If you do a little bit of research then you can learn a lot about Windows XP operating system security. You can learn a lot about computer safety from malware, spyware and other technology deadly viruses by reading up on security measures for your operating system as well as for your computer on the whole. Overall, there are many things you can do to make your computer more secure and some of them are:

  • Installing updates
  • Getting an antivirus program
  • Using Windows firewall

Installing updates is the most pertinent thing you can do after downloading and installing your Windows XP operating system. You can choose to install these updates manually, or by visiting the Microsoft websites. You should install updates on a regular basis for complete protection of your computer. You can also use the built in update program found on the control panel for your computer to automatically find updates and install them.

A firewall is very essential for all operating systems. A firewall is the basic protection against viruses and spyware and it comes built in with the Windows XP operating system. All Windows operating systems come with a built in firewall, which can be readily utilized. You can also download some very effective firewalls for free or by paying for them. The installation manager will ask you if you want to able or disable the firewall while you install the operating system. The firewall can be found on the control panel and once you find the firewall you can configure the setting to suit, your individual needs.

Today an antivirus program is a complete must for all computers. Windows XP does not come with an in-built antivirus program but you will find a number of good antivirus programs, which you can download from the net. Some of these antivirus programs are free while you may have to pay for some others. You can also buy an antivirus program online and just use the code to renew your antivirus program. Most of the good antivirus programs have real time scanners to ensure protection of your operating systems and computer at all times. They also update automatically on a daily basis.

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