How to Stop Spam

Spam mails or junk mails are the emails that are used by the internet hackers for the purpose of hijacking your personal information. This type of email goes to several addresses at a time. The spam mails will try to attract the people to purchase some product or click the provided links so that they can steal your personal information. It is quite easy for anyone to get the spam mails but when you want to stop spam it can be tricky. As the internet marketing is growing in popularity and many business owners are choosing this in order to earn extra income the online hackers are also increasing. The web world is the easiest way of doing business because you can reach the targeted customers easily even if they are staying abroad.

It becomes annoying when you find your inbox is flooding with the mails from the unknown senders and these are basically spam mails. There are times when you find mail that an unknown person wants to transfer a big amount of money in your account. You must avoid or delete these mails because these are spam mails and can hijack your personal information. Some times these spam mails makes one frustrating and this nuisance is generally created by the individuals who are jobless. You must never click or open the spam mails if your do not want to ruin your PC. If you too receive these spam mails you must look for ways to stop spam. There are several effective ways and tips available that will help you to prevent these spam mails.

Tips to Deal with Spam mails

 There are some effective tips given below that will help you to stop spam mails.  

  • You must check if your personal email address is given in any of the online forums if you want to stop these spam mails. You can do this by typing in your email address in any of the search engines and the result that appears will let you know if your email address is pasted over the internet. Once you come to know try removing your email address from the internet to prevent spam mails.
  • While browsing the internet you must have noticed pop up forms and messages that offer you free products and services. You must avoid these pop up messages because these are spam. You will start getting the spam mails if you fill in your personal details in these pop up forms. In the internet chat rooms and unsecured sites you must never provide your personal email addresses to stop spam. Even while posting the news groups you must never provide your email address.
  • You must always avoid replying to the spam mails because this way the spam mails will increase.

Use Email Protection Software 

Email protection software is a great way to prevent the spam mails and stay protected online. The protection software is generally available for free but gives complete protection to your PC from any kind of viruses like malware and spyware. If you follow all these essential steps then you will surely stop spam mails.


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