Importance of web database and database Security

The objectives of the web applications and other software will surely fail to meet their objectives, if at all there is improper access control on their database information. Every application data will be maintained in the database and the all the information the database is not safe to be exposed for all. The consumption of specific data from the database is specifically for few user authorized users. Hence the read access and write access on such database are granted to only few users who are applicable to maintain the database security. The access level provided is based on the level of privileges required. Read access users can only view the database and look for the required records. The write access and the administrator access users can edit the database, insert or delete the data and would even have access to manipulate the structure of the data table.

This level of access on the database security is known to be having access at multi- levels. Intension behind these levels of accessibility is to have effective control on the database and also have the security enforcement accountability under the user groups. When the computer is a standalone system and not a domain based organization computers, it would have only one user authentication to access the entire database with single user account and the password. But this is completely a contradict situation in an organization multi- user accessing computers. Since, there are several users accessing the database, there should be different access levels set on the database server. This is done by the Data base Management system i.e. proving different level of access on the database specified for the requirement. The individual user account creation and user groups’ identification and creation is done by the database administrators (DBA). Thus, it secures the server data from hackers, exploits and other malware including several other vulnerabilities.

When SQL statement of grant full access on computers is set, then it will provide the complete admin privileges to the users. For instance, you grant full access with “admin” as the user name and the password set as “admin pass” then the accessibility on the database is completely authenticated with this user name and password only i.e. you will have complete privileges on the database which means you can insert, delete change the table on the computer database. If this administrator gets connected to the data base management system, he can also look for the script statement like asset update, and even grant select which can pave way to vulnerability of the database security.

Few of these information would have given you an overview of what is database, what is importance of have different accessibility on the database, how to have database security for better working environment. We did also see who and how can the accessibility authentications on the database be provided. Since the database is accessed by multiple users, it is necessary that we secure it from hackers, virus attack and other vulnerabilities and exploits and save all the confidential information.

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