Proxy Checker.

This small tool can validate if a given proxy can be used to surf the web and to download files.
After running this application you get a list of useful proxies.

How to use:

[1] Set direct url to a .txt file over the net in the ‘Site to get proxy list’ and Site to get extra proxy list’.
or leave the as it is to use the default.

[2] Upload the ‘proxytest.php’ to your server and set the url to
the file in the ‘Url to test proxy’.
or leave the default to use the one on web site.

[3] Press the ‘Get List’ button and wait.

[4] Press the ‘Test List’ button and let it run (can take some time).

After the application finish testing all the proxies in the list you will have a new file, ‘proxy.txt’, with verified proxies server.

The 2 edit box ‘Site to get proxy list’ and ‘Site to get extra proxy list’ are used for direct proxy text file download from a known site.
The ‘Url to test proxy’ is a link to a php script that can return text if the application can reach it using a proxy.

After step 3 you can open the ‘proxy.tmp’ file in the data folder and manually paste more proxies to it for processing.

Please Note:
Most of the product use the following registry key to store local information/setting.
If you want to delete the software, it is recommended to delete the ‘software key’ under this registry key:

eMail: support [AT]