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Secure Hunter Anti-Malware Pro Version

Why Do I Need Secure Hunter PRO ?

As an instantly available malware solution, Secure Hunter PRO provides numerous security features to ensure your web browsing experience is secure.

Secure Hunter PRO offers comprehensive protection for your home computer and works around the clock to ensure cyber safety.

For 5 cents a day fee, Secure Hunter Anti-malware PRO adds the following protection to your PC:

  • Real -time protection

    Providing real-time defense and treatment of any computer malware.

  • Schedule automatic scans

    Schedule full computer scans for a deeper search of viruses which may have bypassed your Active protection.

  • Schedule Scan Email Notification

    Schedule Scan Email Notification to your inbox .

  • Web Protection

    locks web-borne virus, spyware and phishing threats and controls web traffic through URL filtering, enabling enforcement of Web acceptable use policies.

  • Customer Support

    Secure Hunter includes the Spyware Help desk: customer support solution designed to handle any issues that Secure Hunter is not able to automatically solve.

  • Latest Malware Definition Updates

    Daily malware definition updates ensure complete protection from the latest malware threats.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Easy to use interface with intelligent automatic protection.

  • Start up location

    Start up location scan registry.

  • Scan Services

    Such scan makes you less vulnerable to the imminent attack of Malware and spywares.

  • Scan drivers

    Anti-Malware solution for your drivers, it provides protection against autorun Anti-Malware. It automatically detects, closes and deletes the Malware from your drive.

  • Favorite websites scan

    Secure hunter scanner will check the websites on your favorites for known malware, blacklisting status, website errors, and out-of-date.

  • Share on social media

    You quickly realize what a quality product it is and want to share it with your family members and friends.

  • USB device scan.

    Automatically Scan for Viruses When Plugging in a USB Flash Drive.

  • System restore location

    System restore location