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What does it mean when a product is in beta?


Beta is a stage of product development in which the product has been officially released to the public with most of the intended functionality. The purpose of the beta stage of development is so that it can be tested by end users who can then offer suggestions and find bugs and other problems that may have been previously missed.

A product in beta has previously undergone a thorough battery of internal testing to ensure the program is will function adequately for the majority of users on a majority of computer setups.

Any beta version is released with a notes file that provides detailed information on the Secure Hunter Beta Version version, including:

  • Version number.
  • Any technical or system requirements needed to run the program.
  • A list of changes from the last version.
  • Explanations of any problems (if known).
  • Other information relevant to the beta tester.


A beta version indicates the program is still being developed and is not final. A product in beta may still produce errors that could cause problems that include data loss or system disruption. As a result, if you use a program in beta, you do so at your own risk. The company cannot be considered responsible for any problems occurring as a result of the product.

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Beta testing participants get the opportunity to:

  • Get early access to the latest versions of new software and offer input into the functionality and interface of the end product.
  • Help enhance the value of the end product.
  • Offer recommendations on potential features or other improvements.
  • Get technical assistance free of charge.
  • Work with programmers and other testers in dedicated forums.


In addition, highly active beta testers are rewarded with free copies of the final product.

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Responsibilities of a beta tester include the following:

  • Download and install the program you would like to try.
  • Spend some time to become acquainted with the product.
  • Work with the product and test its various capabilities.
  • Send reports on any bugs you find.
  • Offer ideas for improving the product.
  • Inform the company of any issues specific to your particular computer system.

Reporting issues:


When reporting problems, be sure to give a comprehensive report on what happens when the error occurs, what you did just before the error occurred and the specific hardware used for testing. Send your report to the email address provided for the Secure Hunter Beta Version you are testing.