Cyber Security Consulting

Secure Hunter??s antimalware software is not simply a sidekick to your antivirus, it also gives you access to cyber security consulting services. At Secure Hunter, we deliver in-depth consulting services to address specific security issues, remove malware and improve your computing experience. No security issue is too large or small for our team, schedule a consultation today!

Still not sure if you need a consultant Explore the many ways we assist individuals and businesses with their consulting needs.


Secure Hunter Consulting for Individuals

If your home computer is assaulted by the latest cyber threat, Secure Hunters expert consultants are available to hunt down and eliminate viruses, spyware, worms and more. Our consultants also provide the following services.


  • Diagnostic assessment of a computer to detect problems, malware and viruses ?? remove malware fast!
  • Troubleshoot the dreaded ??blue screen,?? underperforming or inoperable drivers and startup issues.
  • System optimization and in-depth evaluation of operating system performance.
  • Critical update download and support.
  • Computer performance reviews with custom status report and recommendations.


Don??t spend another minute letting your computer collect dust while malware and viruses wreak havoc internally. Contact Secure Hunter today to schedule a consulting appointment with one of our antimalware experts. Do you have a friend in need of one-on-one consulting? Tell them about Secure Hunter on social media!

Business Consulting Services from Secure Hunter


A major asset, your business cannot afford downtime due to a cyber-attack. If your business would benefit from dedicated consulting services for malware and virus removal, trust Secure Hunter??s team to quickly diagnose, repair and prevent virus and malware attacks. In addition to the services offered to individuals, Secure Hunter??s consultants work with businesses to safeguard company-wide cyber security and integrate security processes.


Get Help Now


Whether you need personal or business consulting, Secure Hunters antimalware specialists are available to remove malware, provide custom diagnostic assessments and recommend malware solutions to meet your needs. Contact Secure Hunter now to experience the difference between us and ??the other guys??!