Spyware and Adware the Impact on Internet and Mobile Users

Quick Look at the Rise of Spyware and Adware and Their Impact on Internet and Mobile Users

Through last 10 years or more, the advancements in Internet have paved the way for many new and great things. To begin with, this technology brought people across the world together and closer. It has changed the ways we carry out our businesses and make money. Internet has played pivotal roles in preventing so many wars. So, from where do we gather most of our information today? Well, the three primary sources of our information today are television, newspaper and Internet. More and more people are switching from television and newspaper to Internet, online blogs and updates on social media platforms.

Spyware – The Darker Side of Internet

With all that good, Internet has a bad side as well. Just like any walk of life, there are people on Internet with both good and bad intentions. There are few of them out there who develop tiny codes for stealing people’s financial information, display their own unwanted ads, control the way your browser works, and track browsing history. It is these bits of codes that are called spyware and adware.

What Does Spyware Do?

Spyware has simpler purposes like spying on a person’s activities and mining whatever data possible and finally send it back to the creator. These programs can sit as it is totally undetected waiting a chance to steal information.

For example, these kinds of programs, at times, wait for you to login to your bank accounts. Just when you feed in your credentials, the code gets activated and starts recording the data. After recording the data, the code then sends the card details and passwords to its creator. Now the creator of the code gets the ability to hack your accounts and cause you big financial losses. It doesn’t sound like a simple thing, but the fact is that it is happening every other day.

Types of Spyware

There are different kinds of spyware namely, data miners, key-loggers and tracking cookies.

Data miner is a kind of spyware that searches your hard disk for any important and valuable information that it can find like, credit card details, financial data, password, family information etc.

Key-loggers are arguably the most notorious types of spyware. This code easily installs itself right into the operating system of the computer and starts recording everything that is being typed like emails, passwords, bank information or anything else. These are extremely dangerous as they can very easily steal login credentials for any site you visit, cope your financial details and much more. These also happen to be most difficult ones to get rid of.

Tracking Cookies

Tracking cookies are the most common form of spyware and adware. These are used extensively by many advertising companies like Adtmt, DoubleClick, Zedo etc. These are created for the sole purposes of tracking the websites that you visit on a regular basis. The collected information is then sent to many advertisers to target certain kind of advertisements to your computer. This may not be called as totally illegal but it certainly isn’t morally responsible act, since all the data is collected without your consent or knowledge. The good news is that these can very easily be removed by just clearing the cookies of your browser, and don’t have any serious threats to your security.


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