Web attacks- effects and protection

Today there is the vast use of the internet all over the world. This is a boon for the technology and many fields like commerce, medicine, etc. One field, which has benefited the most, is the business field. More than half of the business world has shifted to the internet. Due to this, people have started with the cyber crimes. This is a form of advanced technology under which, the person makes, virus or malware enter the computer without any authorization.

The main aim of these web attacks is to gain access to the database of the computer in which all the confidential information of the computer owner is present. This information is the credit information like credit card numbers, passwords and other means of access to the bank account. Once the hackers get hold of this information, they misuse the information to rob the money in the bank accounts.


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This is a phenomenon, which can happen to the computer or a website. This is possible with the websites too. When a person owns a website and does not secure it, the same malware, which is meant to attack a computer, can attack his website too. Thus, it is very important to have internet security to secure the computer or the website against web attacks.

The internet security for the computer and the website is very different. Thus, the same cannot be used for both. When you need security for your computer, you should make use of professional services from the web designers. Securing your website on your own is an impossible task. The security services, which they give, make sure that the website is protected from the malware. It will also conduct daily scans to detect any type of virus or malware, which have entered the website. This daily scan is very important to detect the viruses immediately before it spreads to other parts of the website.



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When there is a virus attack on the computer, there are a few ill effects, which are prominent. The first sign is that the computer becomes slow and fragmented. This means that a computer is slow even when running on a single application. When the user opens two to three applications, the computer slows down drastically and hangs. This is a very common phenomenon, which happens with a virus-attacked operating system. However, the security used for the computer is different.

One can make use of a software for this purpose. He can install the software by selecting one of the best one available in the market today. This is a security, which works similar to that of the website security. When the user connects an external device the anti virus software will provide fro a scan in order to make sure that there are no viruses which can infect the computer files during usage. It is recommended that all such external devices should be used after a full scan. Thus, there are ways of protection against the web attacks, which happen so often today.

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