What is computer security specialist?

Computer security is a must if you are regular user of computer. These devices are now being popularly used for online business. They are used in various types of communications and transaction. They connect you to entire world network. This makes life easier but at the same time there is high possibility of your computer being attacked by external hacker or any virus etc. Hence, it is important to use this device with lot of caution. Especially if you are dealing with personal or banking information you must ensure that you are performing your transaction in safe and secure manner. Computer security specialist is a person who is hired to take care about the security of your computer network. They ensure to implement effective security measures to your computer.

Role and responsibilities

Role and responsibilities of the computer security specialist is well defined like any security agent or worker. What they actually do is ensure security of your computer network rather electronic devices that are integral part of computer and its network.

  • They plan and co-ordinate the security of the information of the organization they are employed for or responsible for.
  • It is their responsibility to maintain security at all times.
  • It is their role to educate the worker or users in the organization about the importance of the computer security and its role in prevention of the computer based crime.
  • They are responsible in installation of various security software and applications.
  • They are involved in monitoring the network security and its protection from the cyber-attacks.
  • In certain circumstances they may be asked to provide information or be involved in gathering evidences for cybercrimes.

Computer security specialist is therefore expected to do their duties honestly and integrally. Their alertness can prevent the computer crime to 100 % level. In an environment of highly secured network it is almost impossible to commit computer crimes.

Other facts

Computer crime is increasing with increased use of computers in e-commerce. Therefore it is very important for the organization to have a computer security specialist appointed who is able to independently look after and ensure high security to the all the computers and is trained and updated with latest and sophisticated versions of computer security. It is his responsibility to avoid any kind of computer crime within and from outside the organization.

Training of employees for the basic security measure while working on computer or in the internet network is must. This is also one of the major responsibilities of the computer security specialist as it is vital in prevention of any computer crime. There is software that needs to be installed and updated in the computer so that any external person entering in to the computer network can be prevented. Security specialist must have good knowledge of those and must be well-qualified person. They must update all the computers in the network regularly with most updated version of software. He must be aware and well-trained about various types of crime that take place with respect to computers. He must help the investigators in carrying out investigations whenever asked for.

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