What is digital forensics?

Today there is no one who may be unaware of the computer and its uses. It has no doubt been a boon to business world. In fact it has been able to set whole new world of e-commerce. This includes online banking, shopping, trading etc. This is possible only because of computer and internet network. The only reason why world can remain so close and connected with each other. With number of boons that computer and internet work is able to offer there are number of disadvantages as well. Many people misuse this internet network for the reason of theft and damage. This has therefore led to a new concept called as digital forensics.

Need for digital forensics

There are various reason why forensic is essential in the world of computer networks. Computer being lot popular for business and communication, the cases of theft of personal information, attack to the data server, internal computer software, hardware etc. have also grown. Computer crime means stealing information or causing intentional damage to the computer network or any business run through computer. With growth in the computer technology these have also increased leading to high risk of running business online. Digital forensics is a great tool that helps to recover and investigate digital devices. Many people try to damage public or personnel property through electronic devices. In fact much criminal information may be stored on the computer or any other electronic devices. Hence forensics science helps to detect and analyze this information. This forensic science is able to recover data from any kind of electronic device.

Applications of digital forensics

Nowadays technology has become a habit of every person. As much they are used for good purpose that much they are being misused as well. Especially mobile phones are misused to great extent and therefore digital science plays a vital role in investigating such type of crimes. This science is therefore applicable and useful in many situations.

  • Many intelligence agencies use this science to produce evidence in court or any other law agencies.
  • In case of banking theft that occurs online, it is possible for digital science to find out details from electronic devices.
  • In certain cases it is a legal requirement to get checked your devices as a part of the security measure.
  • In many corporate firms it is highly possible that people may misuse or leak the information and hence strong network of digital forensics is implemented in such organization to limit the theft and damage.

There are many uses of this type of science. Though there are many certain legal limitations for its application and uses. Forensics is important when it comes to stoppage or limitation of crime. This science is also helpful in recovering the loss of data due to corrupt devices or any kind of virus attacks to electronic devices. Especially the computer server which contains huge amount of data stored on it needs to be highly secured and protected through digital science. They play crucial role in crime investigations that are led by authorized agencies.

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