White, Black, Gray hat hacker

One of the question that a lot of people ask themselves after they Introduced to the terms of hacker are the white hat hacker the black hat hacker and the grey hat hacker, I think that most of the people can figure themselves what are the two first term, black hat hacker and the white hat hacker, I will simplified the term and after reading this article you will be able to better understand the three terms.

White hat hacker:

The one that call themselves the white hat hacker are supposed to be the good one that one that banks, companies and others can use to check the security level and the defense of their services, a bank can use them to check how hard, or easy, it is to hack into a the bank, or the bank web site, most of the time some of the pre-conditions will be delivered to the hacker include user name and password, everyone can register to the bank and get one, list of servers he can test and server he may not test, or a replica of the real time/production servers so even if something will crash the bank will be able to continue working.

Sometimes white hat hacker are hackers that was on the black hat group and decided to join the good team and share his knowledge to help in the continues ‘hacker war’ all over the world.

Black hat hacker:

The black hat hacker are the ones that supposed to be the bad guys, they are the one that use their skill to hack into systems, to break code, create zero base exploit and so on, don’t get me wrong there are a lot of team from the good guys aka: white hat, that also doing this to find bugs in service, software and so on, just to proof it possible and so that the companies  be able to fix the bugs, also call POC (Proof Of Concept).

A black hat hack have time, he can investigate his target for a long time till he attack, the is a big deferent between black to white hacker, white hacker had a limited time to check all the option, or most of them when he or she works as a hacker in a company.

Grey hat hacker:

The gray hat hackers are the ones that play it safe as a good white hat hacker, but also do stuff that might be consider a bit on the border of legal to illegal, some say that there are no white hat and that all the white at are gray hat, do to the nature of the jobs.

Reasons to become hacker:

I think there are a lot of reasons to become an hacker, more than I can write her, but I guess most of the hackers are technology lover and like to break the limit, or at least they need to be like that, it can start as a let me try and you found out that you like it so you try to get inner and to investigate the technology that involve in your way, it may be the power that you have when you manage to get the target  and so on.

There are some that might call themselves hackers but they only use tools and scripts that other created, they do have the knowledge to use it, sometimes in a perfect way and to manage to hack into any given location, site, computer etc. There are some very strong ready to use tools and hacking kit that can do a lot of damage and you do need to master them to use them, but for me a hacker is also someone that have a strong knowledge in code and that he or she can craft their own tools and scripts.

I want to start hacking? Where to start?

DON’T DO IT – That is a criminal activity!

As mention above there are a lot of ready to use tools and kit that everyone can download and play with, keep in mind that hacking into places is illegal and a criminal activity, but if you want to learn start with investigation your operation system, probably windows and move on to Linux, not only as a normal user, but also as the administrator, get familiar with server types, create a small in house lab that you can practice on, now it depend how deep you want to go, if you want to get deeper start to learn programming languages this can be good to many things, like understand better how the operation system thinks, understand more how services works and much more, I will recommended C/C++ and assembly for low level and C#/Java for middle level and PHP/ASPX and client web site like JavaScript CSS and HTML for high level, also as everything is store in a database, you also need to be familiar with SQL and Database management and you must know security, internet topology,  the OSI module, protocols and the more the better.

One of the thing that I recommended friend and other that want to try and hack is to ask a friends of them to let them hack into his computer, for learning purpose only, of course, and that is a good start if you can find one.

To be a hacker is not a game, it is a hard work into the unknown hours, you need to think outside of the box and prepare to learn a lot by yourself there are some paid and some free courses that you can take but that only to put you on the road, hacking is also a cat and mouse chase that you must invest in to know and to learn so you will be able to call yourself a white hat hacker.

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