Time to Get Serious About Cyber Security

The number of cyber attacks is rising fast. How can you keep your computer and your personal data safe? 


A new report from

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Should I Choose a Next Generation Antivirus?

A new form of attack threatens to circumvent many conventional antiviruses. Should you upgrade to something new?


The problem for any antiv…

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Should You Avoid Kaspersky?

The allegations that Kaspersky passed sensitive US Government information to Russian agents has people wondering how trustworthy their antivirus software actually is. So, should you avoid it? 


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Why Winter is the Worst Time of the Year for Computer Viruses

Season of good cheer: Why Christmas is also the season of the computer virus. 


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Is Your Mac Truly Safe From Cyber Criminals?

Owning a Mac used to mean that you were free from the threat of computer viruses, but that’s not going to be the case much longer. 



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Is my Antivirus Software a Russian Spy?

With security agencies warning against using antiviruses with links to Russia, just how trustworthy is your antivirus software?

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Antivirus - Why Do I Need Protection?

The digital world is full of dangers, and your antivirus software may not provide all the cover you think.


It’s one thing to unders…

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Stop Antivirus Slowing Down Your Computer

A few simple steps you can take to stop your antivirus software slowing your computer to a crawl.


It’s one of the most com…

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What’s the Best Antivirus for Gaming?

How to ensure an antivirus keeps you safe while gaming without ruining the experience.

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Do Free Antivirus Programs Work?

There are plenty of useful free antivirus programs out there. The trick is knowing how to get the best out of them.


You get what you pay for in this life right? Well, with many of the market leading antivirus programs costing £30 or £40 for a subscription, you c…

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Why an antivirus is needed?

Cyber criminals are the highwaymen of the digital age. Here’s why it pays to keep your data as safe as possible with antivirus software.


If you buy a PC or laptop the chances are it will come with a piece of antivirus software already loaded. It’s natural to as…

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Do I Need a Firewall?

Most computers and home networks have a lot of protection already, so do you really need a firewall anymore?


Is the day of the third-party firewall done? That’s the question many computer users are asking themselves as they try to navigate safely on the internet seas.…

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Do I Need an Antivirus for a Smartphone?

Why it pays to have a good antivirus for your smartphone and all your connected gadgets


Most of us understand the threats coming at us through PCs, but what about smartphones? Most of us days own a smartphone and, what’s more, they are highly likely to be connected to other devices. T…

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Should I Remove Old Antivirus Programmes?

Getting a new anti-virus programme? Don’t forget to uninstall the old one.


In our hi-tech world, change comes at a frightening pace. Just look at your new smartphone – by the time you’ve got it home, out of the box, and have learned how to use all the new apps, the chances…

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Does an Antivirus Slow Your Computer?

A computer can work more slowly after an antivirus is installed, but you can take steps to stop this from happening.


The threat of cyber-crime is all around us and the more technology we use, the more vulnerable we become. Even so, many people still refuse to install an antivirus software.…

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What features should an antivirus have?

Antivirus software is more important than ever before, but what features should you be looking for?


As we spend more and more of our lives online a good antivirus programme becomes extremely important. Unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. Unless they have certa…

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What Happens When an Antivirus Finds a Threat

Here’s what goes on when your antivirus software spots a malicious threat.


Antiviruses – they’re known but at the same time unknown. While we’re all aware of them and the need to use them, we don’t necessarily understand what it is they do or how they work. Th…

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What is an Antivirus?

Cyber security is becoming increasingly important for us all, but what is an antivirus, how does it work and how do you choose the best for your needs?

Ever since the person…

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What’s the Best Antivirus Software to Use?

Finding the right antivirus software for you can be difficult – here are a few things to bear in mind.


Think about the gadgets you own. How much of your life does it contain, and what would happen if something were to go wrong? Many of us would be lost without it and the info…

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