Avast have been dominating the market for a long time, with almost 20 years experience in the market. They recently acquired their main competitor, AVG, for $1.3b. Both companies offer a distinctively different feature set, but rest assured they have no plans to merge both products into a single application. According to their website, they report to have saved the world from 2.5m new virus strains, which is a pretty impressive track record over their 20 years in the game. Avast will have you covered - but are they the right product for you?

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Like many other products, avast offer a free version of their software with basic security tools but restrict the more advanced products that you need for maximum security, Only gaining access to these when you purchase a premium package. Avast offer 3 main products; Internet Security ($59.99), Premier ($59.99) & Ultimate ($89.99), there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between internet security and premier, yet a drastic jump in features on the Ultimate package. In order to have maximum security, Ultimate is recommended and offers a great feature set. Yet they make you pay for it, I’m sure offering so many free trials will have something to do with their higher pricing for premium customers, in order to cover costs.

Reliability and Security

After reading online, it appears avast & avg have merged their security engines, allowing them to use both products for the antivirus detection. Obviously this gives them a huge advantage in the antivirus industry, especially considering the amount of customer endpoints they will have linked to their databases. When testing on my own device, they are able to detect malware I downloaded within seconds and removing it into quarantine. They offer real-time scanning and multiple advanced security features, despite many reviews saying the app was hard to use, I found the opposite and felt it was very user friendly.

Support and Customer Service

Avast are one of the best in the Antivirus industry when it comes to customer service, they offer complete support, even if you are a free customer. Although live-chat isn’t available, you can call them 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You’ll receive a prompt answer to any queries you have, and expect them to be able to solve any problems instantly. If you’re unsure about something or need help installing, give them a call!


Despite the free version of avast offering only the basic features, when you unleash their expensive premium package there are some incredible features. From advanced security features to a safe-browsing VPN, there are many features to play with and keep you protected. They even offer webcam protection, a feature that is only available on a few products.

Customer Reviews

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