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PCProtect are a UK brand and one of the newer products to the industry, originally they were founded for PC users only but have recently released Mac, Tablet & Smartphone protection to the market. They aren’t so much about optimisation and focus on providing one of the strongest security products in the market. From advanced Real-Time Antivirus, VPN Protection and Web Security, these guys are serious about protecting their users, customers are respecting this and they are growing by the day. How serious are you about security? Will PCProtect be the one?

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PCProtect are on top of the table for their advanced security package, which is only $24.95, a small price to pay for state of the art security. Their package includes protection for 3 devices, so you can protect every computer in your household and ensure that you stay safe from viruses and malware. Although slightly more expensive than TotalAV, part of the reason they are top of the table is for their great value for money. The main package also includes optimisation tools, vpn security, file manager and much more.

Reliability and Security

We already briefly spoke about this, but there is a lot to talk about. PCProtect have one of the most advanced security engines in the market, they take customer protection to a whole new level - using bank-level security. If you’re looking to stay clear of Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Adware and Ransomware for life then PCProtect could be the right product for you. They were extremely quick and responsive due in our virus tests, blocking and removing a test virus within a second of downloading. PCProtect managed to score 4 out of 5 stars on a recent PCMag review, but we’d give them a minimum of 4.9.

Support and Customer Service

They care about their customers, our tests proved that. PCProtect offer ticket, phone and email support for both free and paid customers with almost instant responses. They even called us up out of the nowhere offering identity protection completely free for being a loyal customer, that says something about their respect customers. They make it easy to contact them prompting a chat module on almost all pages, in case you have any questions. Impressive PCProtect, let’s hope they can keep this up. How much does support on this level cost?


PCProtect focus on their security and have some of most elite security features in the market. The basic plan will include scheduled antivirus scans, real-time antivirus, file security and optimisation tools and even a safe-browsing VPN tool. PCProtect will do exactly what it’s name says, and keep you and your family protected.

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