Norton internet Security, possibly one of the most recognized name in the antivirus industry. Since its launch 26 years ago in 1991 Norton has provided antivirus protection to over 10.5 million people. Being a well-known name means Norton has to provide a service that is accessible and easy to use for beginner purchasers in antivirus software. But does this mean they can sell at a higher price point for something that’s not as advanced as other products? The high price point of £50 has left many customers moving to new providers. Find out more in this review and whether Norton is the right Antivirus for you..

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Norton offers several plans to protect your device(s). The first of which is “Norton Antivirus Basic” costing £29.99. This is the simplest of the Norton packages supplying basic protection for only one device (excluding Mac). “Norton Security Standard” is the next cheapest package with a price point of £49.99 a year. Again this only supplies protection for one device. Climbing further up the price ladder the next package available is “Norton Security Deluxe” at £69.99 a year. The Deluxe offer provides protection for up to five devices. If you need to protect more than five devices then you will want to get Norton’s top package, “Norton Security Premium”. Along with its use across a maximum of ten devices this service also includes automatic backups and 25 GB of cloud storage. Supplying the complete range of Norton services this costs a whopping £79.99 a year. All services include a 100% virus free guarantee.

Reliability and Security

Norton is one of the biggest known brands and with that comes a responsibility to ensure the highest quality protection. That being said Norton has had its issues and complete security cannot be promised 100% of the time. Within its system Norton’s protection tools are highly active and have been known to remove other safety systems and documents that already exist on your computer. The product has also previously disabled apps such as Spotify on devices as it detects the application software as a trojan horse.

Support and Customer Service

For what Norton supplies in protection it certainly lacks in customer support. If there are issues you cannot deal with yourself then don’t expect to be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone who can help any time soon. In order to get through to a support member you must first complete an online issue for which can prove difficult if the security system is causing you issues. An alternative option is the live chat feature Norton supply however this is usually just automated replies to common FAQ’s. You can still find yourself waiting around half hour before getting a support number.


The features available from Norton are certainly subject to which package and price point you have. The basic package is very limited offering protection for one device with no additional features. But take the Premium package for example and you’ll have access to numerous different features including cloud storage, Norton family premier and their online web portal, whereby you can control your protection across devices with a simple click.

Customer Reviews

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