The well-known Mcafee has been around since 1987, founded by the famous John Mcafee. Despite John Mcafee creating an interesting media reputation, he managed to build a product that dominated the market in the early days of antivirus, some say he even created the antivirus industry. These days, they are everywhere. It’s a brand known globally and surely can be trusted, being around for so long? Mcafee can protect most computer operating systems, they have incredible market coverage, but do they still deserve to be ranked so high?

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Some say it’s overpriced, some say it’s worth paying for the brand, what do we think? Mcafee offer 3 main protection plans. The most basic plan will only include protection for 1 PC and doesn’t include most of the advanced features, only basic antivirus. If you want protection for all of your devices, you are best of choosing Deluxe, which protects up to 5 devices starting from $49.99. If you need protection for you family, cloud storage or automated backups you will have to go for the premium plan costing $54.99. If you are determined to use one of the longest standing brands in the industry, Mcafee is a perfect antivirus for you - just be ready to pay for it! Some say it’s worth the cost with the level of protection that comes with it.

Reliability and Security

With them being a huge name in the antivirus industry, you can be sure to get top-level protection for you and your family, 90% of the time. They’ve had their moments, but all-in-all have proven to be one of the better protection engines available. Mcafee have been know to be over protective at times flagging personal files and documents, but that’s what you pay a price for! They offer a 100% guarantee or your money back if they aren’t able to protect you fully from viruses, I’m sure you’ll have bigger worries if a virus gets through than worrying about a $50 refund, but they must be confident in their security engines!

Support and Customer Service

Mcafee cover all bases with customer support and offer Ticket, Chat & Phone support for both technical and billing queries - despite waiting 15 minutes to speak to a support agent, it was nice to hear a local friendly accent. Mcafee seem to put a large amount of effort into offering great support and looking after their customers, without this level of support they wouldn’t have made it to top of the table.


The higher priced plan you buy, the more features included. If you go all out with their $79.99 price plan you get a comprehensive suite that includes Antivirus, Anti-Spam, Safe-Browsing, Password Manager and File Lock for 10 devices. The only one downside with these features, some of them won’t work if you don’t have a high-speed internet as the Mcafee new application uses a web based software. Great feature set, but we’re hoping they can introduce VPN protection or even identity protection in the future.

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