AVG have been a huge player in the antivirus industry, founded in 1991. They were recently acquired by Avast for $1.2 billion, so must be doing something right. AVG have millions of customers and a comprehensive feature set within their application, which supports both PC & Mac users. The tech company based in Czech Republic offer an antivirus designed to help not only protect you, but help you keep on top of computer speed and performance. They offer antivirus packages, VPN software and a full optimisation suite. When are they going to roll these great features into a single security suite? AVG have been known to win many awards in their career. Will you choose them for your antivirus provider?

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AVG offer two great packages, Internet security & Ultimate Security. Internet security includes all the basics you need for virus and malware protection, for a price of $49.99. If you want to take your protection to a new level, we recommend the ultimate package which is packed with features! This package sells for $69.99 which will include additional security and optimisation products. The incredible thing is, it includes licenses for unlimited devices, surely there is a cap here somewhere? Unfortunately they don’t include VPN and cloud storage in this package, they have these available for an additional cost, for $69.99 you’d think they would give you everything.

Reliability and Security

AVG have made a name for themselves for their level of advanced security. They have been ranked in the top 10 on multiple virus bulletin websites and received numerous awards, but at the same time had their fair share of problems. All-in-all impressive levels of virus and malware detection, and with the ability to remove unwanted programs too. If you’re willing to pay $70 for reliable, and trusted protection, AVG could be for you.

Support and Customer Service

AVG’s customer support works slightly different to other antivirus, they offer 24/7 technical support for any of your devices for free - I guess a sales tactic to sell AVG Technical support to new customers, yet impressive! Their consultation is great for solving any virus issues or other technical issues you might experience. They’ll even walk you through installation once you have purchased their product. This has built customer trust for AVG and people purchasing their software over and over again. Having these high-priced plans obviously allows them to rock it with customer support!


There’s a lot to talk about here! AVG have one of the most comprehensive packages in their higher prices protection plans. They offer Virus protection, Ransomware protection, Protection with online payments, Anti-Spam, Optimisation Tools and even webcam protection. They are most certainly one of the more advanced providers when it comes to feature set. Although the price is high, it’s worth it if you are going to make the most of all these features and are a regular antivirus user. Are these features enough for your needs?

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