Bitdefender seem to be everywhere online, yet not a brand everyone has heard of. They have been in the market since 2001, founded in Bucharest, Romania. Bitdefender have made a huge impression on the antivirus space, but they seem to be recently moving their efforts towards enterprise antivirus. Will this affect the product for home users? Let’s hope not. Is Bitdefender the right product for you?

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Bitdefender haven’t made many changes to pricing over the past few years, and the average security package costs around $39.99, higher priced that many of the top products in the market, but you pay for the high level of security. They offer a free trial like most, but the popups can get annoying, the same as any free trial product. They have 3 main plans on their payment page with different payment packages. Something did strike me as surprising on the payment page, they have an additional product that you can buy called ‘Virus and Spyware Removal’ for $79.99 - Surely this would be included in the base security package?

Reliability and Security

Bitdefender aren’t new to cybersecurity, let’s just say they’ve seen their fair share of viruses and rely completely on their own antivirus engines. Unlike many of the other products that use the engines from multiple providers. Bitdefender have won many awards for their level of security, creating a trusted customer base. Tests reveal they scored almost top marks when being tested by antivirus labs. Despite some users reporting the application as hard to use, it seems from a security perspective they have it covered.

Support and Customer Service

Despite Bitdefender having outstanding security levels, there are many complaints online about their below-average customers support. From looking around their site and product, it seems hard to contact them, offering only ticket support. We contacted them to ask some questions about our subscription and it took almost 48 hours to receive a response. Let’s hope they introduce live chat and phone support soon, it’s a shame to see a product with so much potential have complaints about support.


Bitdefender seem to focus on security products over utilities. Their application is packed with some great security features; Antivirus, 2-way firewall, parental controls, webcam protection, file encryption and a lot more. I was quite impressed with their feature set. It’s nice to see that someone is really focusing on security over speed all the time. It would be nice if they could introduce some technology that doesn’t slow down your computer as much, but all-in-all this is a very impressive feature set.

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